Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

18° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino (4° Editione) - March 24th - 28th, 2021




March 25th - 27th, 2021


Letters from Silivri
Adrian Figueroa
Turkey, Germany / 2019 / 0:15:51


Letters from Silivri / Adrian Figueroa ” LETTERS FROM SILIVRI draws on letters of the Turkish philanthropist and public intellectual Osman Kavala to document a timeline of his imprisonment. By separating voice and image the film intends to create an echo chamber that allows audiences to listen more carefully to Kavala's letters, while at the same time place his words in context to a civil society.


Victor Orozco Ramirez
Germany / 2020 / 0:12:00

Several years ago, I immigrated to Germany. Here, I live in a small old house, which urgently needs modernization and that only theoretically protects me from wind, rain and cold.



Six Letters
Gabriela Bosso
Argentina / 2020 / 1:08:00


Gabriela Bosso was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave her less than a year to live. Determined to tell the story from the very inside, for years Gabriela filmed every battle, defeat and victory she went throw. This documentary is an audiovisual diary, not only about the oncological treatments, it is also but also fears, metal state, emotions, love and art. Can passion for Art help someone to survive a little bit longer?