Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
Internatonal Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino
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17° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino (3° Editione) - November 26-30, 2019

Wednesday - November 27th, 2019
4 pm

Cinema Ducale
Urbino, Italy


Pixelling Memory
Ravisankar Kerala Varma
India / 2018 / 0:20:00


A self reflexice video essay in the form of video diary, which tries to archive different experiences of death and disappearance of people, through impressions of spaces forming a certain relation of signs which the filmmaker himself through ones own body and a scar in his own leg and through some personal photographs tries to retrieve through his own experience and fear of death. The narrative of this of the filmmaker's search eventually merges with a parable form.


Alyssa Taylor Wendt
USA / 2018 / 0:37:33


The epic split screen cinematic triumph about death and transformation from the artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt has finally been completed. In production for five years, amid her other exhibitions, this trio of productions presents as a three channel video installation or a split screen single channel, as you are seeing it here. The 37 minute short film demands the viewer's attention, with dark imagery and layered sound design that speaks to mortality, ruin, memory, cycles of history and song, the origins of truth, the spiritual energy of objects. Filmed as three separate productions in Croatia, Detroit and Austin, the artist used tropes of improvisation, narrative memoir, abstract landscape, performance and opera to provoke questions and stimulate symbolic synergy. The stills here represent staged production stills from all three segments, using dark and majestic compositions to add more meaning to the aforementioned moving images. This labor of love is a brilliant crossover between film and the visual arts and has been extremely well received so far.t.


Kentaro Kishi
Japan / 2018 / 00:29:59


War photographer Kentaro, who went missing in the Middle East. 3 years later, his daughter Kanae had become a primary school student. In those days, her mother Momoko returned back to Japan with the relic camera in her hands. Momoko implored Kanae to go to America together...


Silent Storm
Tempête silencieuse
Anaïs Moog
Switzerland / 2019 / 0:13:00


From the Atlantic coast to those of the Mediterranean, the director meets women whose faces bear witness to ruined hopes. Mourning finds in the movement of the waves a dimension of painful meditation. ""Silent Storm"" is a soft and strong film, in terms of image but also by its poetic and precise editing, which works perfectly with the strength and lucidity of the words used by the characters in the film. The director Anaïs Moog has gathered extremely poignant testimonies in exceptional sensitivity and modesty.


The Sound of Falling
Chien-Yu Lin
United Kingdom, England / 2018 / 00:12:520


An impressionistic film portraying the loss of freedom and the fading of life due to the decision of an orchard keeper on one ordinary day..